Beer Glass Froster

Everyone knows there is nothing better than an iced cold beer. On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing worse thank realizing you forgot to stock the fridge. Good thing the team at Hammacher Schlemmer have our backs. They want to make sure our beers are always cold, even when we forget ourselves.

Their device, The Beer Glass Froster, will frost your beer glass in 10 seconds. Seems too good to be true right? Well guys, it’s not. Just mount the froster to your bar or counter and it’s ready for use. It even has a blue LED light that will make your glass glow, a beacon of light bringing you that much closer to a cold brew. Talk about the perfect addition to any home bar.

We will say, if you’re planning to purchase the froster you might want to start saving up. This puppy is going to cost you $400, plus you’re going to need a CO2 tank on top of that to connect to the machine. We know it’s expensive, but a cold beer is totally worth it.