Greylock Gin

 Gin. It’s underrated and under appreciated but Berkshire Mountain Distillers Greylock Gin makes it easy to give gin the love it deserves.


Hailing from a small distiller in MA, Greylock has the classic look of a craft spirit. Our brave DIAers sipped it neat at first, and this gin packs some serious flavor. The strong smell matched the intense flavor of juniper with subtle hints of citrus. It was the balance between dry and sweet that we look for in a gin.


Gin and tonics are a classic but we decided to have some fun with this tasting and try a twist on the standard. We muddled a few blackberries, added lime, Greylock, tonic and ice. We could (and did) sip these all afternoon. We finished the bottle, which has only happened once before in the history of DIA reviews. Kudos, Greylock.


If you’re a gin drinker, go for Greylock. The flavor was great, it was easy to sip and it made a killer gin and tonic. At around $30 a bottle, do yourself a favor and stock up. We’ll be finishing at least a few more bottles this summer.