green_tea1 Cocktail mixer trends seem to come in waves. Pomegranate has been a formidable presence and espresso had a good run. But there’s an up-and-comer that you might not have met: green tea. Can we say, “Green tea is so hot right now”? (Zoolander props.) And it is. Green tea ice cream, energy drinks, health food bars and now booze. No complaints here.

Apparently, green tea vodka and liqueur exist for your own personal purchase and consumption, but we’re interested in how the bartending pros across America are working it into their cocktail menus.

So what’s up, Drinkers of America? Anyone out there taken a sip? Tasted any thoughtful infusions?

It’s your turn to cue us in. We’d love to hear it.

And to our loyal readers, this is our first “Drinking in America” entry written special by us, just for you. Let’s celebrate. Stay tuned for more.