Winners of the People’s Choice Award at North Carolina’s Just Brew It home-brewing competition are planning to move out of their garage and into their own brewery. David Ackley and Cristina Hall are the masterminds behind Ginger’s Revenge, a delicious alcoholic ginger beer.

Ackley got the idea from his time in Panama where typical beer ingredients weren’t easily accessible or successful in the environment. He made a few substitutions and gifted this world with a new form of fun. The brew includes flavors of fresh ginger, lemon juice, and orange peel for a refreshing taste that will make your taste buds smile.

The plan is to offer Ginger’s Revenge in both Bold or Mild styles. By the time the brewery opens next year (fingers crossed), Ackley may have given life to a few more concoctions. Ginger’s Revenge is more than just another craft beer. Once it hits the market we’ll be first in line.