We knew Germans liked beer, but we couldn’t have predicted they’d incorporate it into their yoga practice. Germany has introduced the latest international fitness craze, and it isn’t just Berlin hipsters that are into it. It’s beer yoga. Yup, it’s exactly how it sounds; consisting of enjoying a few refreshing sips of beer between each soul and core strengthening pose.

While it is a little far fetched of a concept, devout practitioners say that its title shouldn’t deter from its difficulty and seriousness. In fact, Berlin founder and teacher yogi Jhula said in an interview with Evening Standard, “BeerYoga is fun but it’s no joke. We take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer drinking in order to reach your highest level of consciousness.”


Call BS? Well, you’re not the only one. The new practice has definitely received its fair share of criticism with many stating it only encourages binge-drinking behavior, and degrades what is valued more so as a spiritual experience than a form of exercise. While we have yet to determine our opinion on the matter, it is clear that it’s guaranteed unique experience has peaked the interest of yogi’s around the globe. Classes can be found in Sydney, London, Portland, Charlotte, even Boston. So if you’re on the fence, we say don’t knock it till you try it. If it’s not your style we totally get it, but hey if it is, bottoms up.

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Source: Beer Yoga