As we read about yet two more new vodka flavors, Sazerac’s Wave Lemon Lime and Wave Baja (the newest in a line-up that includes Whipped Cream, Pink Lemonade, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Grape), a vision appears in front of our blog-weary eyes: it’s infamous advertising veteran Joe Camel.


Joe was decommissioned on July 12, 1997 after several studies revealed that by age six nearly as many children could correctly respond that Joe Camel was associated with cigarettes as could respond that the Disney Channel logo was associated with Mickey Mouse.


In short, Joe Camel’s puppeteer, R.J. Reynolds, was preying (okay, maybe too strong a word) on kids.


We are not suggesting anything here. Just pondering out loud.


Do you think fruit-, cotton candy-, lollipop-flavored alcoholic beverages will go the way of Joe?


And if they did, would you miss them?


One piece of evidence suggests they are here to stay:


Shaken News Daily just released that, “Flavored whiskies were the fastest-growing spirits type in the U.S. market in the first quarter of 2012—rising 154.8%.” (No typo with the decimal point, in case you were thinking the same thing.)


Granted, these flavors skew more “grown-up:” Honey, Cherry and Fiery Pepper.


But still, we wonder. Care to wonder with us? Add a comment below