We are always surprised to see ice cream shops busy in the dead of winter. It’s a phenom that’s big in New England for who-knows-what reason. Maybe because ice cream doesn’t melt down your arm when it’s twenty degrees out.


Similarly, we’re noticing frozen drink pouches in people’s shopping carts this time of year. Cold, slushy beverages by the fireside? Not a bad idea. In fact, one of Martha’s (yep, her again) signature winter drinks is frozen Frangelico Coffee with Cream. But we digress.


Point is: you don’t have to live in Florida to enjoy a (really) cold one. Take Daily’s frozen pouches. The website points out that you skip the mess of the blender, the noise of the blender, and, we might add, the mess all over the bar. If you’re the designated bartender at your party, passing out the pouches lets you spend more time schmoozing and boozing (responsibly, of course).


As for the reviews, they are mixed (pardon the pun). Most find them too syrupy; too “girly.” But a certain segment — older folks, according to our armchair research — dig the convenience and the low alcohol content. Still others just treat them like Twinkies. You know, the kind of thing you grab on a whim at the convenience store and then hide the wrapper.


What do you think of frozen drink pouches: yum or yuck?