Whether you indulge in them or not, frozen ready to drink cocktails are happening. Typically it’s the malt beverages or vodka that frequent the sugary sweet drinks but there’s a new kid on the block that’s trying to make a name for bourbon.

Heaven Hill Distilleries have officially introduced bourbon into the frozen drinks mix with their latest invention, Evan Williams Kentucky Slush. The icy concoction is a blend of Evan Williams Bourbon, lemonade, orange juice and sweet tea. The 12.5% ABV slush can be frozen, blended or poured on the rocks. Given that it’s most likely too sweet for it’s own good, we would probably drink this one frozen, maybe blended with a little extra bourbon.

Kentucky Slush is arriving right in time for summer cocktail season and will be on shelves from June to August. For $14.99 a bottle, you can have a frozen bourbon slushy ready in the freezer for friends. Or to drink all for yourself.