Rosemary. It’s that underrated herb that chills in the veggie garden or finds its way into your favorite dinner recipes but doesn’t get enough attention. Oola Distillery took the herb out of the kitchen in put it into their vodka and it’s unlike anything we’ve tasted before.


Oola Rosemary hails from a small micro distillery located in the heart of Seattle. Before we even sipped the spirit the bottle had us sold. The simplicity of the design gave the bottle a small batch, craft spirit feel with a premium edge. Not to mention the label featured the batch number and the distiller’s signature, a tell tale sign of quality.


Like any good taster, we always sniff before we sip. The name definitely delivered because the smell was straight rosemary with a hint of lemon and only a slight whiff of vodka.


When we sipped Oola straight, the rosemary flavor overwhelmed us at first. It’s not subtle but it is delicious. The rosemary taste is herby, savory and masks any alcohol burn from the vodka. A flavor like rosemary can be a bit pungent straight so we added a splash of lemon seltzer creating an awesome balance of tastes. The vodka would also be delicious in a Bloody Mary or a dirty martini with a rosemary kick.


Fair warning: if you don’t like rosemary, steer clear. This vodka is meant for lovers of all things savory and won’t impress anyone who prefers sweetness in their drinks.


Oola Rosemary may be difficult to find outside the Seattle area but it’s worth the hunt if you have a savory palette. At $32 a bottle it’s not cheap but typical for a premium craft spirit.