“Full disclosure: This beer came to fruition because we saw a gap in our portfolio and we wanted to increase our market share.”


Well, at least Flying Dog is honest. This disclaimer is posted on the bottles of their latest release, The Truth Imperial IPA. We received one bottle (repeat, one) and a few members of our team gave it a try.


From the moment we opened the bottle, we could smell the hoppy goodness. The beer poured a dark golden color with minimal foam. In true IPA fashion, The Truth had a bitter, hoppy flavor with hints of citrus. The balance between them made the beer easy to drink and seriously refreshing.


As we told you, Flying Dog created The Truth to fill a void in their beer profile. They were looking for an Imperial IPA that would have enough flavor to keep a spot in their year round collection – and we think they’ve found it. At 8.7% ABV, there’s nothing sessionable about it. For $12 per six-pack it’s comparable to most of its peers. We would only suggest this to true hops-lovers due to the strong taste. Good thing we’re big fans, we’ll be buying this in the future.