crave chocolate truffle liqueur


You know us, we typically aren’t suckers for the sweet stuff. We leave the cotton candy and cake flavors behind but we can’t resist chocolate. Our mouths started to water the second the bottle of Crave Chocolate Truffle arrived at our door. Here’s what we thought:


Smell: We only had to take one sniff before we knew we would love Crave Chocolate Truffle. The rich chocolate smell came through with hints of espresso and subtle fruit. There was a slight whiff of booze but it was just enough to make us want to taste it.


Flavor: We first sipped the liqueur on the rocks – hello chocolate. The flavor was rich, sweet, and strong and reminded us of Hershey’s syrup. There were notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and hints of raspberry and cherry. It tasted just like eating chocolate truffles filled with fruit. And we could eat a whole box.


Cocktail: Crave Chocolate Truffle + a splash of milk = adult chocolate milk heaven. The addition of milk created a creamy, rich texture, paired with the sweet flavor. Some DIAers were day-dreaming about putting Crave on their ice cream, in a boozy milkshake or drizzled over their next piece of chocolate cake.


With the holidays coming up, we would recommend gifting a bottle of Crave Chocolate Truffle for the chocolate lovers in your life. At $17.99 it’s perfect for any dessert cocktail you’re mixing up or to sip on after dinner. Fair warning: if you’re not into chocolate, don’t bother. We’ll take your bottle.