Our DIA tasting team has our fair share of wino’s, beer nerds, and spirits lovers. So you won’t be surprised that the wine experts on our team were very excited to try some of Stacked Wine’s portfolio. We wrote an article about their packaging back in the day but our readers were skeptical about how good the wine would actually taste:

Cabernet Sauvignon – We are huge Cab fans, and this one was, eh, okay. We’d compare it to the average house wine that you’d grab a bottle of on your way home from work. It was more acidic than the really delicious Cabernet’s that you can get for under $20.

Merlot – If this had been a blind tasting, we would not have been able to tell it was merlot. Typically you sip merlot and get subtle fruit notes towards the back of your palette. We had one sip of this and all we tasted was alcohol.

Pinot Grigio – Everything you would normally expect in a Pinot Grigio, you will get with this wine. Plus the added benefit of the sweet packaging that allows you to bring it with you on the go. Have we had better? Yes. But this was the best of the bunch.

We’d recommend grabbing your favorite bottle and some cheap plastic glasses if you want some wine for your picnic. But, if you want something that you literally just throw in your tote – pick the Pinot Grigio.