Fall is just around the corner and so is the release of Hiram Walker’s Caramel Apple liqueur. We were lucky to receive their “Fall at the Fair Grounds” sampling package ahead of the September 1 launch. The overall consensus was that it’s a perfect addition to autumn activities.


Here at DIA we experimented the new liqueur with two recommended recipes from the makers themselves. We bring you ‘Irish Apple Sauce’, ‘The Apple Toddy’ and some suggestions of our own:


Irish Apple Sauce

1½ Jameson Irish Whiskey

½ Hiram Walker Caramel Apple liqueur

½ Absolut apple orient vodka (original recipe calls for ginger liqueur)

Top off with lemon juice

Serve over ice


This was our least favorite.  In theory it sounds delicious, but when made as advised our taste buds went sour. It consisted of too may strong flavors and an aftertaste that made our mouths pucker. It’s quite possible that our mixology skills are just not up to Hiram Walker snuff, but we’re pretty sure anyway you spin this it’s not anything like Mott’s.


DIA Suggestion: Lose the lemons and the vodka. We are all for “the stronger the better”, but in this case trust us – less is more.


Apple Toddy (originally the “Hot Apple Toddy”):

1 part Hiram Walker Caramel Apple liqueur

1 part Jameson whiskey

1 part Tropicana 50 Farmstand apple juice (for the hot version, use Hot apple Cider)

Serve over ice (for the hot version, build in a warm mug)


We went for the cold version (remember it’s only August).  Our cool rendition of the Toddy was very drinkable and enjoyable. If you enjoy apples and don’t mind the flavor of sweet maple syrup then you will definitely like this drink.


DIA Suggestion: We also gave this recipe a try without the Jameson, added a few more drops of the Caramel Apple liqueur and ended up with a tasty fall beverage perfect for cooler weather.


We think this Caramel Apple liqueur would also be tasteful the following ways:

– Used in cider or coffee for any and all tailgating events

– Used in holiday baking

– Used for added warmth while apple picking

– Used to make bobbing for apples a little more interesting


Originally posted: 8/29