We’re fans of Tequila. Big fans, actually. So when Familia Camarena Tequila arrived in the mail we were all sorts of excited.


We had yet to try Camarena but had seen it on bar shelves throughout our travels. Being a warm Thirsty Thursday, we decided it be best to try Camarena with one of our favorite summer libations; the refreshing Paloma. Lacking grapefruit soda and  the patience to wait until we found some, we made the Paloma remix:


Camarena Silver Tequila

White Grapefruit Juice

Lime Polar Seltzer



The drink = hands down delicious (per usual). The tequila = a very welcomed ingredient. It had a touch of sweetness and was very smooth and easy to drink. No harsh aftertaste. Knowing the Paloma often masks the Tequila taste with its powerful grapefruit tones, we thought it best to sample two other ways; straight up and then with some limejuice.


All variations confirmed our liking to Camarena. We can’t put our thumb on the sweet note we taste but we do know it’s not a sweetness we’ve ever tasted in other tequilas. It’s quite nice.


Camarena is a sure contender to our preferred Don Julio. At a suggested retail price of $20/750ml, we’ll be buying it all summer long. We recommend you do the same.


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