Redd’s flavored ales are no stranger to the DIA team. You may remember that we reviewed the Green Apple and Wicked Mango flavors a few months back, and now we’ve decided to have another go at it. This time we’re sampling the Apple, Green Apple, and Strawberry ales—the full fall spread. New context, new experience. Alrighty. Let’s take it one by one:

Redd’s Apple Ale
When it comes to apple-flavored ale, Redd’s is toeing a fine line between beer and cider. With hard apple ciders taking over the market, did Redd’s do enough to distinguish its apple-y offering? Well, kind of. While the beverage smells vaguely of cider, it tastes like a combination of the two. Think spiked apple cider, combined with champagne, with a splash of light beer. Yummy, right?

Redd’s Green Apple Ale
Overall, reviews were similar to the last round. Staying true to the brand’s claim that the beverage is exceptionally crisp, Redd’s Greed Apple Ale is a blend of apples and light brew. While it does have strong sour notes incorporated (and might be slightly reminiscent of a jolly rancher) ratings came in the highest with this flavor.

Redd’s Strawberry Ale
As could have been predicted, this berrylicious option was rated as the sweetest of the bunch. Verging in on malt beverage territory, there was not much beer in this beer. Some said it tasted like cheap champagne, others said spiked Cool-Aid. In any case, this flavor should be reserved only for those with oversized sweet tooths (sweet teeth?).

Overall, reviewers felt like they’d want to recommend this only to people who aren’t crazy over the taste of alcohol, or people who love sweet drinks. If that’s you, keep an eye out for the apple-adorned packaging, and act fast–fall is flying by.