It was a good week for bourbon lovers on our DIA team with two very different offerings to sip on:

Berkshire Bourbon

Massachusetts natives will be happy to hear that this bourbon is locally made and passes the test of our distinguished palates. With packaging that adds a touch of New England to any bar, Berkshire Bourbon is worthy of display. Plus, it will look right at home next to their gin.

It smells sweet and subtle with notes of sweet caramel. Once you take a sip, you’ll find the taste to be rich and smooth without being too boozy. The soft burn makes it perfect for sipping. If you insist on mixing try adding a bit of ginger ale, but this is better served neat or on the rocks. Support a local craft distiller and buy yourself a bottle.

Berentzen Bushel & Barrel

This one has been on the shelves for quite a few months, adding a sweeter option for those who prefer their bourbon without all of that bourbon-y taste. After 250 years of bringing us delicious fruit liqueurs, the minds at Berentzen decided to throw their apples into the bourbon boom.

First impressions present an appley, cinnamon spice that is perfect for fall. Once you get a taste you’ll find that nice apple taste up front with a bourbon flavor that has almost no burn. The apple isn’t overpowering but it’s definitely a drink for those with a sweet tooth. Something so yummy goes down almost too easily, so be careful with one. Some of our experts thought it tasted like juice, making it a welcome, refreshing change from other bourbon offerings. We’re keeping this one on the shelf until cider season comes around, but if you can’t wait to try it we suggest mixing with ginger beer or cranberry juice. Happy sipping!