We love competition here at DIA. So when SmarteRita told us they were going to send us a bottle of their own booze and a bottle of Skinnygirl, it was music to our ears.


SmarteRita is a low-cal, ready-to-drink margarita. At only 100 calories per serving, they claim to be the “smarter” choice. Aka smarter than Skinnygirl. To make things fair, we set up a blind tasting and had our DIA marg experts try both.


At first glance, Skinnygirl won us over with their fun, sexy bottle and classic design. The SmarteRita was a little tacky for us; it reminded us of a diet juice bottle we would buy in the grocery store (and only if it was on sale).


Looks can be deceiving. SmarteRita has a crisp, refreshing lime flavor. It was light and sweet, like an authentic margarita should be. The Skinnygirl on the other hand was salty and bitter. It tasted like someone poured a margarita, extra salt included, into a bottle and called it a day.


Needless to say, six out of our eight DIA tasters chose SmarteRita over Skinnygirl in the blind tasting.


Here’s the real kicker though. Both ready to drink cocktails are about 12.5% ABV with 100 calories per serving. But Skinnygirl is $17.99 a bottle and SmarteRita is only $12.99.


Have you tried SmarteRita or Skinnygirl? Taste them against each other and let us know which one you chose. We’re picking SmarteRita for sure.