There’s nothing worse than a perfectly delicious cocktail ruined by a disgustingly fruity, over sugared mixer. You know the ones that make your drink taste like a sad excuse for a cocktail. Fruitations understand how we feel and they’re bringing the natural flavor back to mixers.


We tried their full flavor line up: Tangerine, Grapefruit and Cranberry. Fair warning: Fruitations are made with fruit, water and pure cane sugar so you’re not going to get the super fruity flavors that you’re used to (that’s a good thing). The mixers are thick in consistency, all natural and don’t smell like the sweet grapefruit or cranberry juice cocktail you’re used to. We didn’t pay much attention to the ratio of Fruitions to booze at first, but we should have. Only add a splash of Fruitations for the right balance.


Fruitations Tangerine: The sweetest smelling of the bunch paired well with our orange juice and vodka mix. It was subtle enough to compliment the juice but created another level of citrus that was unexpected but enjoyable. It’s tart, citrusy, slightly sweet and would be make a great Screwdriver. We would even add a splash to our champagne for a new twist on a mimosa.


Fruitations Grapefruit: If you think it smells like tomato juice when you open the bottle, you’re right. But don’t let that deter you. Once we found the perfect balance of tequila, Fresca and Grapefruit we were sold. We could see ourselves sipping on these all afternoon long with a slice of lime and salt rim. Grapefruit wasn’t our favorite flavor but in the right cocktail, we’d consider buying a bottle.


Fruitations Cranberry: The Cranberry was the best smelling of the three and the most appealing to our cocktail preferences. It’s tart and you can tell that it’s made from the real thing. We added it to our favorite rosemary vodka with a splash of seltzer water and it was delicious. This would definitely do best in a happy hour cocktail like a cosmo or a vodka cranberry later in the evening.


At $7 a bottle, Fruitations are worth the price for a well-mixed cocktail. Let us know what you thought of Fruitations below.