Back in December, our ready to drink margarita qualms went out the window after giving Sauza Sparkling Mango Peach Margarita a try. It was fruity, flavorful and had plenty of tequila taste to satisfy the boozies here at DIA. Now we’re trying it’s sister flavor, Sauza Sparkling Watermelon – here’s what we thought.

The hot pink color of the sparkling marg screamed “drink me, it’s summer,” and so that’s what we did.

Have you ever had a pink Jolly Rancher? Imagine that smell bottled in a margarita and you’ve got Sauza Watermelon. It’s a little overboard on the sweet factor but hey we’ll try any margarita put in front of us.

The first sip of the margarita was sweet, sweet and did we mention sweet? We tasted a hint of tequila, a little bit of salt and a whole lot of fruity flavor. There were subtle hints of watermelon but to be honest we got more of a strawberry vibe from the pink margarita. Over ice it was pretty tasty but we’re thinking it would be even better blended with a little ice and some extra tequila.

At just about 10% ABV, Sauza Sparkling Watermelon could have used a bit more tequila flavor and a little less fruity overload. You can pick up a bottle for $12.99 at stores near you. It would be a delicious sip on the beach this summer.