Absolut is a brand that prides itself on standing out in the crowd. From Absolut Denim to their original abstract bottle design they are constantly coming up with awesome ideas to transform their vodka bottles into works of art and we can’t get enough. As a follow up to their very successful 2012 release Unique, Absolut has just released 4 million exclusive bottles they call “Absolut Originality”.


What makes these bottles special is each one has a drop of cobalt blue infused into the glass during production. The cobalt is added when the molten glass goes into the mold at 1100° C and the drop of blue flows down the side of the bottle in a distinctive style every time. At that temperature the blue streak is invisible until the glass cools off and a one of a kind infusion emerges.


Keep your eyes out for the new Absolut bottles at the end of this month and let us know what you think. At this point we can only wonder what’s next for the innovative minds at Absolut. We recommend checking out their video to see exactly how Absolut creates these blue bad boys.


If you could design a liquor bottle, what would it look like? Let us know in the comment section, extra points for originality.