The bottle says a lot about the spirit and we’ve noticed some serious redesign happening lately. One of the most notable (and a little crazy) we’ve seen is the latest release from Absolut. Absolut Denim was created with famous designer Loren Cronk and comes in an actual denim sleeve. Other than looking cool, the packaging apparently keeps the vodka chilled longer.


Absolut isn’t the only brand redesigning their bottles. We’ve found a few of our favorites who are debuting a makeover this spring.


Our friends at Malibu have created a sleeker bottle complete with a new logo.


Bailey’s launched their new bottle aiming to please a female crowd. Thoughts ladies?


Heineken also got a new look recently. Nothing special in our book.


Everyone’s favorite cheap vodka is trying to get classy; they’re not quite there yet.


We tasted the old Stacked Wine, but we’re thinking we need to try this new flavor and packaging.


Have you noticed any other booze brand makeovers that we missed? Let us know in the comments.