Bring some chat-worthy labels to your Play-Off and Super Bowl parties. has some seriously interesting suggestions to elevate the game and enhance food choices (look for a “Football Food” post in the next few days).


American Pale Ale and India Pale Ale

These go great with the big, brash flavors of buffalo wings. An IPA will have a bit more sweet malt backbone that can counter the saltiness of the underlying chicken. And, as an added bonus, IPA goes great with blue cheese.


Founders Centennial IPA: Big grapefruit-citrus hop aroma and flavor. Boldly bitter but nicely balanced.


Bells Two Hearted Ale: An epiphany beer for many. Defined by grapefruit and pine-resin hop character from Centennial hops.


Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale: Aggressively hoppy. Bitter and dry with sharp, pine-resin hop flavors and aromas. Like drinking the Christmas tree.


Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: The now sometimes overlooked American Pale Ale. Crisp, dry, and moderately bitter. Signature pine and citrus Cascade hop character. Still a classic.


German or Bohemian Pilsner

Try these if you prefer your wings on the milder side. A crisp, clean profile and dry finish keep these light and drinkable, so you won’t be weighed down by halftime.


Victory Prima Pils: German pilsner style with unusual subtle citrus notes and a lot of pine. Note the peppery/anise hop flavors. Light bready malt.


Schell’s Pils: Sharp hop bitterness and flavor with notes of licorice, herbs and pepper.


Lagunitas Pils: A solid and delicious Bohemian pilsner from a brewery better known for their hoppy beers. Flavorful, bready-sweet pilsner malt backs up delicate floral hops.


Craft-Brewed American Lager


Brewfarm Select: From Dave’s BrewFarm in tiny Wilson, Wisconsin. Light and easy to drink. Sweet grainy malt with hints of Munich malt toasty caramel. Light bitterness and spicy German hops.


Session Lager: Full Sail Brewing Company’s take on the pre-prohibition American lager. Crisp and clean with light malt sweetness and low bitterness. Light spicy and citrus hop flavors.