“French scientists have conducted two experiments indicating that the more alcohol you think you’ve had in a day will increase your self-confidence in your appearance, even if you haven’t had any,” reports HuffingtonPost.com.


“The Agence France-Pressereports the scientists conducted one experiment in a local bar where 19 people were asked to assess their attractiveness on a scale of one to seven. Their alcohol levels were then measured, and the results were pretty interesting: the higher the amount of booze that was drunk, the higher the self-confidence of the testee.”


“But what’s even more interesting is what happened in phase two.”


“The scientists asked 94 men to taste-test a new fruit cocktail and deliver a filmed message. The testers told the volunteers that half would be given an alcoholic version and the others would be given a placebo.”


“Those who believed they had drunk alcohol gave themselves high self-assessments, regardless of whether they had actually ingested any booze, while those who had believed they hadn’t had a sip of alcohol gave themselves a low assessment, even when there had been a hefty amount of liquor in their drinks.”


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