This one’s pretty interesting, starting with its very name. We’re used to the cute, the random, the plays on words…. But this label bears a message. That is: the injustice of Washington DC residents’ lack of voting privileges, and Utah beer drinkers puny say its Mormon-dominated state legislature.


But that’s a topic for another blog. We’re here to shout about Fermentation Without Representation, a limited-release, Imperial Pumpkin Porter that is smooth, mellow bodied and an experimental collaboration with Epic Brewing from Salt Lake City, UT.


DC Brau’s CEO Brandon Skall describes the effort as an imperial pumpkin porter, weighing in at 8 percent alcohol by volume. According to Skall, brewer Jeff Hancock used 300 pounds of pumpkin per 15-barrel batch, added to the mash tun, the brew kettle and the fermenter. Other ingredients include cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and about 1,000 vanilla beans that the DC Brau crew had to slice open by hand.


“This is a very labor-intensive beer,” remarks Skall in the Washington Post.


Noted. We’ll drink it slow