Chill Puck

We hate warm beer (who doesn’t), so when Chill Puck offered a solution to one of day drinking’s most dreadful problems we were all ears.


Chill Puck is an ice pack that is molded in the perfect shape to fit the base of any normal beer can.  You keep the puck in the freezer until you are ready to drink your beer, and then attach it by pressing your can down and twisting. Don’t worry about your hands freezing because Chill Puck fits perfectly into any standard koozie.


The puck is said to keep your beer cold for an hour, something we’d have to see to believe. Though they do have friends in high places. The product’s number one supporter is MillerCoors, a brand known for promoting cold beer. In fact, it was MillerCoors who found Chill Puck on Kickstarter and helped fundraise by sharing it with their millions of Facebook fans.


This puck is being sold online for $7.99. They will also make custom designs if you’re looking for a gift. Our birthday is coming up (hint, hint).