day drinking rules

We’ve celebrated the 4th and now we have all weekend to keep the party going. We know a lot of you, like us, will be day drinking this weekend, just keep these rules in mind:


  1. It’s never too early to start. Hopefully you’re drinking a mimosa as you read this.
  2. Newsflash: wearing red, white and blue is cool. Wearing the flag (i.e. on your bathing suit, jean jacket, ripped shirt), not so much.
  3. Pace yourself: all-day drinking is fun, but there is no need to end your day at 4PM.
  4. Sports are usually a part of the festivities. Play volleyball, but try not to spike anyone in the face.
  5. Industry secret: Drink lots of water, we recommend one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage.
  6. If you’re outside, remember the sunscreen. No one wants their face the same color as their Bloody Mary.
  7. Remember to eat. And yes, the food can have beer in it.
  8. Beer pong is American. Celebrate your country and play at least one round.
  9. There’s nothing wrong with a catnap. After drinking all day, take a little snooze so you can rally.
  10. Give America the respect she deserves. Cheers to the U.S.A., all weekend long.
  11. If you’re mixing, be aware of the consequences. You know the saying: Beer before liquor, never been sicker.
  12. Day drinking could involve keg stands. If it’s too much for you to handle, pump your beer and get out of the way.
  13. Heat and alcohol do not go together. Remember to keep cool—go for a dip or chill in the A.C. for a few minutes.