Founded in 2012, Drizly was already a well known and prominent player in the booze delivery category. The company, located in Boston, MA, has been working quietly for the past 2.5 years plugging away at strategy and development. All their hard work was realized when the company announced a major change last month.

The service that originally let you order alcohol online announced the launch of its marketplace. What does this mean? Drizly as a marketplace will allow any retailer integrate with the Drizly software to generate extra sales. For users, this means more pricing transparency and more flexibility.

When we say ‘hard work,’ we mean hard work. To become this marketplace Drizly faced the task of seamlessly integrating with as many point-of-sale systems as possible and standardizing information around these products. All this while making it legible to the consumer.

It may have taken years, but they delivered. With the new marketplace structure, users can compare price between retailers and even choose between different delivery methods, too.

Moral of the story: we better start using this thing, people.