A 26-year-old British man paid a shameful visit to the fire station earlier this month after a drinking game among friends ended with a toilet lodged around his upper-torso.


The man, whose identity firefighters have withheld in order to spare him further embarrassment, was likely playing the classic party game “can you fit this object over your head” when the fun went a little too far, The Northern Echo reports.


After approximately two hours of wriggling around, the man called the fire station, where trained professionals managed to remove the toilet seat using cutting equipment.


“He looked rather flushed when he arrived but relieved when we managed to get the toilet seat off him,” said crew manager Michael Burdern, according to The Sun.


As far as toilet-related accidents go, the predicament could have been far worse. In late September, a Washington, D.C. woman went to the hospital after a plumbing malfunction caused the toilet she was using to explode.


Though he got the toilet seat over his head, it remains unclear whether the man won the drinking game. Regardless, he’ll always have a trophy.