Now that you’re of a certain age, cheap ties and artistic creations aren’t going to cut it on Father’s Day. It was cute when you were younger, but now it’s time to give dad something he really wants: a liquor-themed gift. If you get your dad one of these for Father’s Day, you are guaranteed to move up to number one child status… for this year, anyway.


The Chillsner

Father's day gifts

This is a brand new fancy invention from our friends at Corkcicle. The Chillsner goes freezer for 45 minutes and thenen you just pop it into any normal beer bottle and the thermal coolant and airtight seal kick into gear. It’ll keep dad’s beer ice cold and if he stops drinking for a bit, it won’t go flat. We might get one for ourselves.


Italian Replica Globe Bar 

father's day gifts

If your dad is a classy kind of guy this globe bar will be perfect for him. He can put it in his home office during the day to make him look like a man of the world, but when it’s time to have a drink or entertain, he can just pop the top off and get into his secret stash. We always knew that alcohol makes the world go-round, but this globe bar provides the proof.


Arctic Rocks

father's day gifts

For dads that love a good whiskey on the rocks, but hate how diluted it gets when the ice melts, there are arctic whiskey rocks to give him the best of both worlds. These whiskey rocks need to be stored in the freezer for at least 4 hours, but when it’s time to drink, just add them to your drink. These pieces of hand-cut granite will keep the whiskey perfectly chilled without watering it down.


DIY Bacon and Habanero Infused Vodka


Just because dad doesn’t want a plaster cast of your handprint anymore doesn’t mean that he doesn’t appreciate a gift with a little effort behind it. We found an awesome recipe for Bacon and Habanero Infused Vodka that is certain to make him feel like the manliest of men. The only catch is that this vodka is supposed to steep for 7 days, and we obviously don’t have that much time left before Father’s Day. Luckily, they say 7 days makes it really spicy and that if you want something a little milder, you can steep for less time. We say make it and see how dad likes it. If he decides he wants to try the super spicy version, you’re all set for next Father’s Day.