SONY DSCOf course, we love Mother Nature. We celebrate Earth Day just like everyone else (with a cocktail) and always make sure to recycle the bottles we finish. The organic trend has been hot for years now and we’re ready to fully embrace it, wine glass in hand.

Organic wine bars have been popping up in every major city lately serving biodynamic or sustainable vino options. When it comes down to it, they are equally as delicious as non-organic wines; dare we say are even more delicious. Here are a few of our recommendations if you’re looking for a bottle of organic wine and great atmosphere.

Flight 112 Wine House

Chicago, IL

A self-proclaimed “organic experience,” Flight 112 focuses on organic wines and the importance of recycling all of the bottles, boxes and wine corks they go through. They have over forty wines by the glass, wine flights and a bountiful selection of reds, whites and sparkling options. Visit this Chicago bar for a delicious organic glass.


New York City, NY

This wine bar and vegan bistro sits in NYC with a vast menu of vegan, organic and even some kosher wines and beers. The carefully selected menu features red, white and sparkling options to enjoy by the glass or the bottle. If you’re strolling the streets of NYC this spring, stop in.

Yield & Pause Wine Bars

San Francisco, CA

These wine bars, owned by the same people, are committed to supporting not only sustainable wines but also family owned and operated wineries. Yield is the cozy, small wine bar you can enjoy a glass of organic vino while Pause was opened a few years later for larger parties and special events. Regardless of which one you frequent, the organic wine options are delicious and aplenty.

Delizios Bistro and Wine Bar

Denver, CO

Though Delizios’ wine list isn’t strictly organic, the selection of sustainable vino makes up for it. You can enjoy an organic option by the glass, bottle or choose three to drink in a flight. If you’re like us, you’ll go straight for the flight.

What’s you favorite organic wine bar to sip at? Tell us below.