This 2014 Winter Olympics technically started yesterday in Sochi, Russia, but the Opening Ceremony is today…and as far as we’re concerned, that’s the real beginning of the games. To celebrate the Winter Olympics, we will be running our own themed series of articles up until the Closing Ceremony on February 23. We will be taking a look at specific sports, the countries that are expected to dominate and something awesome about their drinking culture.


To kick off our 2014 Winter Olympics series, it’s only right that we begin with the country we call home: the United States of America.


One sport people are really expecting the U.S. to shine in is freestyle skiing. There are 10 events in freestyle skiing including the aerials, moguls, ski cross, slopestyle and half-pipe. Known for our amazing X-Games athletes, we’re sending some real daredevils who have no trouble putting their all into complicated tricks and jumps.


Who should you be keeping an eye on? Judging by his dominant X-Games performance in the half-pipe, David Wise is expected to take home gold. For the American women, Hannah Kearney and Heather McPhie are known as the best in the moguls and are expected to medal.


Since the point of this website is to talk about drinking trends in the United States, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard it all by now. So, instead of telling you about a cool trend in our country, we’re going to give you an “extreme” cocktail recipe that will make you feel like you’re right there on the slopes going for the gold.


This beauty of a drink is called AMF (aka Adios Mother F*&%er) and it’s got a little bit of everything for you thrill seekers:


  • In an ice-filled cocktail shaker, combine .5 oz. vodka, .5 oz. rum, .5 oz. gin, .5 oz. tequila, .5 oz. blue curacao, and 2 oz. Sweet and Sour mix.


  • Cover, shake well, pour into a Collins glass.


  • Top with 2 oz. 7-UP, garnish with a lemon wheel and cherry and be sure to drink responsibly like a good Winter Olympian would.


We’ll be hitting up a bunch of sports and countries for the next two weeks so stay tuned. Until then, do your duty and cheer on Team USA tonight at the opening ceremonies.