Unfortunately alcohol, like the rest of us, is not spared from the unrelenting gossip of society. For a long time too many drinking myths have been accepted as facts. We’d like to put these rumors out on the table and reveal the truth behind them.


1) Dark beer is heavy and strong.


Speaking of being falsely judged, the versatility of dark beer is hardly ever appreciated. When looking for an easy beer to drink, most of us gravitate towards beer that is lighter in color; this is a mistake. Stouts are often light in body, easy to drink, and delicious. As far as strength goes the number one dark beer in the United States is Guinness, and its only 4.2% ABV, significantly less than lighter colored IPAs that average about 6% ABV. Keep an open mind drinkers and don’t judge a brew by its color.


2) Beer should always be served cold.


While it is common belief that a beer is at its best when served as cold as possible, most premium lagers should be served around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. When beer is served too cold it often eliminates most of the taste and flavor. We say why bother drinking a beer if you can’t taste it? You can still keep those cheap flavorless beers ice cold but next time you treat yourself, make sure you enjoy the flavor you’re paying for.


3) Mixing alcohols gives you a worse hangover.


Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, always in the clear. A common belief among drinkers is that shifting around the adult beverage spectrum will worsen your symptoms the next day. This is not the case, as the only things that will definitely affect Sunday morning are the amount of alcohol you drink and the rate at which you drink it. So feel free to enjoy a tasty cocktail after a beer without the fear of added pain the next day. Just don’t have five tasty cocktails followed by five beers.


4) Drinking beer will give you a beer belly.


Beer guts, do they exist? For some reason we’re convinced that the beer we drink will make a bee line straight for our abs and camp out like the occupy movement. This is completely untrue according to researchers. While drinking tons of beer isn’t going to help you lose weight, beer is just one item in your caloric intake and has no magical powers to ruin your summer six-pack. We owe beer an apology, we are truly sorry for bad mouthing you.


5) You can’t cure a bad hangover.


We’ve all been there, it’s Saturday morning and you can hardly get off the couch, let alone enjoy the day. For too long we have accepted our fates as helpless zombies, suffering from our previous night of fun. Thanks to science, our days of pain are over. A recent study from British researchers at Newcastle University suggest that the added amino acids you gain from a bacon sandwich will make you feel better and gain a clearer head. Bacon, egg and cheese anyone?