I didn’t know I was a chintzy tipper until I went out for drinks with my brother — in from out of town. He insisted on paying our tab. I insisted on leaving the tip. (Nice that such decisions no longer require an arm wrestle.)


Brothers will tell you anything. So, when I left a mere 10% on four glasses of wine, he shook his head, came around next to me and showed me how it’s done.


WikiHow makes it this easy:


A tip of $1 per beer (draft or bottle) is often an “acceptable” tip. Use it  as a baseline, even if the only visible drink preparation involved is opening a bottle of beer. This will vary, depending on the kind of bar you’re in.


On complicated orders, a bit more is always deeply appreciated. That’s why $2 for mixed drinks is a good rule of thumb— more if it’s a complicated mixed drink.


Of course, tip more if you want the bartender to remember you.


I wonder how many bartenders remember me? It’s probably easier to remember a cheapo.


Thanks, Bro.