There are those among us who equate tequila with a rough morning after, a lime wedge, or salt. Then there are Don Julio drinkers.


Don Juilo is a luxury tequila that is not new, but it sure is on everyone’s lips lately. Don’t ask us why. Tell us!


We have a few ideas of our own — here are five. Chime in with your own comments below.


1. It’s really, really, really, really good.

The taste of Don Julio 1942 reflects its name in terms of being old, distinguished and refined (although it is not from 1942, just a commemorative bottling). This thick, straw-colored aged tequila is filled with the aroma of cherry, vanilla and fresh cut straw to show off its complexity. It tastes of warm oak and cinnamon with a long brown sugar finish blasted by notes of pepper.



2. High-end tequilas are on the up and up.

So says “Bourbon is having its run now, Vodka peaked a few years ago and Rum is still a ways off for a Renaissance, which leaves Tequila as the new booze on the rise. Outstanding examples of agave are showing themselves much like mustachioed gentleman on rearing stallions carving a ‘Z’ into the barrels of inferior products behind the moonlit backdrop of some of the finest watering holes. From Clase Azul to the truly remarkable Don Julio 1942 the rebirth and re-branding of tequila and tequila-based cocktails will really have its heyday this year.”


3. The 1942 Evening Twist.

Recipes like this make Don Julio 1942 even harder to resist. This, from Cheeky say that wine can elevate a meal, stimulate your taste-buds and help draw out elements, flavors and nuances of a dish that would otherwise be missed without it. Move over wine, because Don Julio may just have you running back to the vineyard. And reshaping the way the world views tequila in the meantime. Once again, tequila dethrones the royal grape with the mighty 1942 Evening Twist. Next to the chocolate-pecan tartlet with peanut butter gelato, life never tasted so sweet.”


• 1 ounce Tequila Don Julio 1942
• Tuaca Italian Liqueur
• Lemon twist for garnish



4. Gratuitous free giveaways.

…Like one at Agave Las Vegas late last year.


5. It’s not just tequila, it’s a treat.


Anything over a $100 is a treat in our book, no matter what it tastes like. Don Julio 1942 is worth every peso.