Fergie is now part-owner of Voli Vodka and has been shouting it out since New Year’s.


In the words of a recent press release: “The world’s sexiest vodka just got sexier! Voli Light Vodkas, the world’s first low calorie vodkas with natural flavors, is proud to announce Fergie, six-time Grammy award winning artist, as a new partner and owner. The multi-talented artist will work with Voli Light Vodkas to promote a Voli as a delicious, low calorie alternative for the fitness minded cocktail consumer who does not want to compromise taste and quality.”


Okay. So is the appeal Fergie, or the fact that it’s low calorie? The answer probably falls down gender lines, so let’s just say Fergie as poster girl is a win-win.


As celebrity endorsements go, Smart Money says that they “can boost sales by 4%.” Why? “Endorsements could be a signal of quality — but the modern consumer is sophisticated. They know money’s changing hands. At a deeper level, we seem to crave connection to the famous and the powerful.”


Hmmm. Martini for your thoughts. Will Fergie’s mug prompt you to chug?