Close your eyes and imagine a warehouse filled with untouched whiskey barrels. All of that delicious booze just sitting there waiting to be consumed. Diageo has taken advantage of these untouched barrels and created their Orphan Barrel Whiskey Project to bring us new releases from their warehouses.


The Orphan Barrel Whiskey Project, a series of rare and limited-edition whiskeys, was announced back in November and are about to launch in the U.S. What makes these premium bourbons so unique is that their exact location of distillation and specific recipes are unknown. We know that the first three releases in the lineup were bottled at Dickel Distillery (owned by Diageo) but the original locations are a mystery.


So how do you get your hands on these elusive orphan bourbons? The oldest of the releases is Old Blowhard, which is a 43.35% ABV bourbon that’s been aged 26 years. This is bourbon that packs a serious punch with strong flavors of tobacco, spices, roasted nuts, and a strong oaky taste. With a name like that, there’s got to be something good in the bottle. For $150 you can get your hands on some Old Blowhard.


Barterhouse is half the price and carries a much more subtle flavor profile. The bourbon has hints of vanilla, orange, and other fruits that give it a creamy and sweet taste. This is one excellent for sipping or in your favorite bourbon cocktails. At 45.1% ABV, you can pick up a bottle of Barterhouse for $75.


The youngest of the three bourbon releases is Rhetoric and at 45% ABV, it’s been aged for 19 years. A strong oaky flavor along with spices, fruit, and caramel give this whiskey a distinct flavor. The price hasn’t been released yet but if the other two are any indication, it won’t come cheap. Barterhouse and Old Blowhard are being released first with Rhetoric expected in a month or two.


These first three releases are expected to be only the first of many from the Diageo Orphan Barrel Whiskey Project. Would you invest in one of these bottles?