The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 5, which is a big event for Brown-Forman, who is releasing an exclusive mint julep featuring Woodford Reserve Bourbon. Only 75 cups of it are being sold. 65 are priced at $1,000, while ten Prestige Cups (made of sterling silver plated 24-karat gold and featuring a diamond-studded horseshoe) are priced at $2,000.


Contents include the new Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, as well as lemon mint and spearmint. There are no airline tickets to Cancun hiding in the bottom.


The cups themselves are selling on until May 3, with extras to be sold at the Derby. Proceeds benefit Heart of a Horse, a foundation providing care for horses.


Bet you a beer they’ll sell out in minutes. Whiskey/bourbon is “it” these days. But why? Does it remind you of your grandfather? Does it just taste better than ever?


If you were going to the Derby this Saturday, is the Woodford Reserve line one you’d be standing in?