Maybe you’ve heard of dark dining — this is the practice of dining in a restaurant sans lighting — sometimes even blindfolded. The premise is that you are “in the moment,” allowing your other senses to experience the tastes and textures of your meal.


They do a lot of this in France and New York and Los Angeles — big cities with a big restaurant culture.


In fact, France-based Dans Le Noir, a “dark dining” concept restaurant chain, is expanding into the U.S. with a new location in New York City’s Times Square. What caught our eye (so to speak) about this press release is that, “In addition to its 80-seat ‘Dark Room’ dining area, the restaurant will also feature a bar lounge.”


Our research didn’t yield any dark bars, per se, but a few dark restaurants, like Dans Le Noir, have dark lounges.


Our question is this: would you drink in the dark? We’d love your comments (and smartass replies — how can you resist the jokes here) below.


We’ll start the convo by saying this: “We like the idea a lot, but intend to double check our bar bill under a street lamp when we get outside.”