Pinterest is a treasure trove of magical booze recipes, if you know where to look. Yes, guys – even for you. The alcohol-loving Martha Stewarts of the internet all post their amazing concoctions on Pinterest and we get to reap the benefits. We’re pretty sure this is why the World Wide Web was invented in the first place.


Okay, Harry Potter geeks… calm yourselves. Butterbeer is a fictional drink that J.K. Rowling invented in the Harry Potter series, but it came to life when The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at the Universal Studios theme park. That is all well and good, but there are two major negatives: 1) We are not going to fly to Florida every time we want Butterbeer and 2) They didn’t put any alcohol in it! Cue: Rebecca Crump, owner of the blog Ezra Pound Cake and wonderful Pinterest mixologist. She invented an alchoholic recipe for Butterbeer that you can drink any time and it looks awesome. Give the recipe a try and let us know how it tastes!



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Purple Martini

This is one of those drink recipes you find on Pinterest where it looks awesome, but doesn’t actually end up linking back to the creator’s website and you have no idea who invented it. But this drink just looks so purple and exciting that it seemed like a tragedy not to share it with you. The recipe is pretty easy: 3oz vodka, 1 1/2oz cranberry juice, 1/2oz blue Curacao liqueur, 1/2oz sweet and sour mix and 1/2oz of 7-Up. Does it taste good? We’re not sure. Does it look cool? Without a doubt.


Candy Cane Vodka

We decided that you kids have been good all year long, so we’re giving you an early Christmas present. You’re welcome. Jill over at Scary Mommy made this delightful minty, sugary Candy Cane Vodka and folks were kind enough to share it with us on Pinterest. We think that if more adults mailed out this vodka instead of Christmas cards, the world would be a better place.

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