Cucumber Beer



We love seeing flavor trends in our craft beer. Anything from bacon to apple we’ll drink it. But lately brewers have become obsessed with one ingredient we never saw coming: cucumbers.


We told you about Twisted Pines Cucumber Cream Ale not long ago and now its got two new cucumber-inspired beers to join it.


The first comes from Goose Island. Their new Cucumbersome Pilsner is a classic pilsner style beer that’s been dry hopped with the green veggies. The beer is the latest addition to their special Fulton and Wood series. Aka it’s draft only and Chicago only. You’ll have to take a trip to the Windy City for one.


Taking a note from Twisted Pines and Goose Island, Angel City Brewery is adding cucumber’s counterpart, the pickle, to their latest release (yup, they went there). Brewer Joe Moakley is obsessed with pickles so he decided to combine his secret pickle recipe and their Berliner Weiss to bring us Pickle Weiss. The L.A. based brewery will have the beer on tap for a limited time this summer.


And just when you thought we were done, there’s more. Black Box Brewing Co. is bringing back their famous Cucumber Belgian White Wheat after a three-year hiatus. We know you all missed it.


Have you ever tried cucumber beer before? Tell us about it below.