Santorini brewing

If you thought the Greek booze world was only good for ouzo, think again. The Mediterranean country is bringing one of their most famous brews stateside this winter to take its turn in America. But limited quantities and an alarming price tag might stop this Greek ale in its tracks.


Santorini Brewing Co. announced that Crazy Donkey IPA will be their first beer launched in the U.S. this month. Crazy Donkey claims to be the first and only IPA produced in its homeland and will now be the first Greek IPA in the states. Though we’ve never tried it, the 6.5% ABV beer is well liked by critics around the world for its crisp flavor and tropical flavor notes.


Typically if the critics like it, we do. But we haven’t committed to trying to get a bottle just yet. Launching later this month, Crazy Donkey IPA will be available in limited quantities during the winter months. Apparently the demand in Santorini is too high during the summer months for the brewery to cater to both of us. Newsflash, Santorini: summer in the U.S. is IPA heaven, you’re missing out.


Other than the limited quantity, the price has us hesitating. At $35 per 750 ml bottle, we’re wondering if it’s worth it. We understand it’s the first Greek IPA in the U.S. but that’s enough money to buy three bottles of our favorite wine or four six packs of a perfectly good IPA. Why would we spend it on one bottle?


Would you splurge on this Greek IPA for that price?