There’s chocolate. Then there’s chocolate that’s illegal in 42 states. Twice the Vice Spirited Chocolates are one such indulgence (contraband?).


If you live in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey and Washington, and are at least 21, you’re in luck. You folks can have them shipped to you legally. The rest of you can find a way to manipulate the system, such as have them sent to a friend in a neighboring state and drive hours to pick them up. Hey, it’s something to do. Just don’t eat and drive. These chocolates are potent — packing more punch than your average liquor-infused confection.


Choose from The Fine Tequilla Collection, The Single Malt Collection, The Kentucky Bourbon Collection, and The Top Shelf Spirits Collection.


They’re a great holiday gift, and take the edge off at a football game. Just don’t put them in your back pocket like a flask. We don’t have to tell you why.