Wilmington,_North_CarolinaIn the U.S., there are some states that shine in the craft beer world for their breweries and delicious beers. Amongst the best is North Carolina, mostly for their work in Asheville and Charlotte. But a new craft beer haven is settling into N.C. Welcome to Wilmington.


The beachside North Carolina town is getting boozy this spring and summer with at least five breweries opening up. The new locations will join the famed Front Street Brewery in a town that’s already filled with craft brew lovers.


We’re most looking forward to the opening of Good Vibes Brewing, started by veteran brewer Paige Snow. A former gypsy brewer, Snow is pumped to have his own spot and excited to see what new brewers will bring to the Wilmington beer community. He told StarNews of Wilmington, “It’s exciting that all the younger guys are setting up small tasting rooms. It’s an exciting time for Wilmington and the beer community.” We’ll cheers to that.


So who’s booking their tickets? There can’t be anything better than drinking a craft beer on the beach in N.C.