It used to be that you’d only buy a bottle of wine with a screw top because you were a cheap party-hopper and didn’t want to risk spilling a drop between gulps. Lucky for you times have changed.

More and more experts are coming out in support of the screw cap for preserving even the finest wine. At Washington State University, scientists insist that a screw cap offers less risk and more control over the state of your drink. They explain that not every cork is perfect. Some leave wine with “cork taint” which makes the wine smell moldy, musty, and alters the taste. It would be pretty upsetting to open an old bottle you’ve invested in on to find that it had a bad cork.

Screw caps allow wineries to control air flow based on the type of liner they use in the seal. Some wines benefit from breathing while others require their seal to be air tight.

Next time you’re at the store, reach for the screw top without shame.