Berkshire Mountain Distillers of Great Barrington, Massachusetts has teamed up with Boston Beer Co. to produce two whiskeys made from Sam Adams Boston Lager.

This collaboration marks Boston Beer Co.’s first foray into the craft spirits industry and is giving beer lovers everywhere a reason to take a second look at whiskey.

The Boston Globe reports, “It will take at least two years for the whiskeys, which will be made from Sam Adams Boston Lager and a limited-edition brew called Cinder Bock, to be available to consumers; although the spirits are currently being distilled, they must still be aged in wooden barrels”

The initial batch of 12,000 bottles will sell as premium products for over $40 a bottle.

The whiskey will be a Berkshire Mountain product with the Sam Adams name displayed on the label. Boston Beer Co. will not see any profit but CEO Jeff Koch notes, “there are whiskey connoisseurs for whom this will be something innovative.” Judging from the responses to our Beerbon and For The Love of Whiskey posts, we have a feeling we won’t be the only ones buying a bottle or two.
A craft brewer offering their product to help a distiller create an original whiskey? Jeff Koch is a man after our own heart.