Coffee Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee? Alcohol in coffee is nothing new here at DIA, but when the sun goes down most of us put the coffee away and break out the hard stuff. We’re starting to change our ways – and apparently others are too. Here are some cool things happening that merge two of our favorite things, coffee & booze:


Fort Defiance – Brooklyn, NY: The café-bar combo is serving coffee during brunch and java cocktails by night using their signature brew of choice, Counter Culture Coffee.


Liberty – Seattle, WA: Another café by day, bar by night, Liberty serves up coffee seven days a week on top of being a great bar. They add their own spin by micro roasting the coffee for their daily cocktails.


Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel – Los Angeles, CA: The famous L.A. hotel is home to several bars and cocktails that are getting the coffee treatment. They’re going the innovative route by brewing their coffee with Italian vermouth instead of water.


Anvil Bar & Refuge – Houston, TX: Anvil has created a bunch of delicious coffee cocktails and have recently teamed up with Greenway Coffee Co. to explore all the possibilities for the cocktail/coffee combo.


Fairways Golf & Grill – Murfreesboro, TN: Bar Rescue host John Taffer clearly has dialed into other bars picking up the theme and helped a Fairways revamp their image by creating a coffee house by day and cocktail bar by night with a killer drink list. Our favorite was the Vanilla Smirnoffee.


What we love about coffee cocktails is that while coffee is a great natural match for spirits, it challenges bartenders to think outside the box. Who’s ordering a coffee cocktail?