barrescuelogoIf you haven’t watched the show Bar Rescue on Spike, you are SO missing out. Already in its third season, Bar Rescue revolves around Jon Taffer, a super badass who helps fix some truly horrific bars. He basically screams at awful bar owners, brings in the professionals and gives the bar a total makeover. One of our favorite parts comes at the end when he reveals the new bar and all of the innovative stuff he’s added to make it run more efficiently. Some stuff makes a better experience for the customers, and some just for the staff, but either way, we think it’s all pretty cool. Here are some of our favorites from Bar Rescue:


Touch Screen Menu


The menu we saw on Bar Rescue is from Digital Touch Systems and we think it’s awesome for customers and staff. Instead of fighting the crowds up at the bar or trying to flag down a waitress because you want a beer refill and a plate of nachos, you can just order quickly and easily from this touch screen menu implanted in your table.


Liquid Monitoring System


This is more for the bar side of things. BarVision is added to the pouring spout on liquor bottles and it monitors every single pour the bartender makes. This helps a bar owner track their profits by seeing which bartenders are over pouring and how much money they’re losing when that happens.


Pour the Perfect Beer


Bar Rescue loves to add something called Turbo Tap to many bars and it benefits the owners and patrons at the same time. It pours a perfect beer in about two seconds and it also improves keg yields up to 30% due to less spillage and a perfect collar of foam. We love this because even the most inexperienced bartender will be able to pour us the most perfect beer.