We already told you what we think about cocktails on tap… and now we’re giving you the pros and cons, because this is one trend that just isn’t going away.
On the plus side…

More consistent drinks. You won’t have to worry about getting a weak (or ridiculously over-poured) version of your favorite mixed drink. Every time you order the drink, it should be about the same. This seems especially great for bar owners because it makes staying on budget much easier.
Drinks are ready quicker. On a really busy night, you won’t have to stand around and wait for the bartender to mix up your drink. The whole process will (hopefully) be much quicker and easier.

As for the negatives…

Bartenders might be perceived differently. Let’s face it; if someone just has to push a button to make your drink, they are hardly perceived as a skilled bartender. We can see this being okay if only a couple mixed cocktails are on tap (maybe the more popular basics for convenience and novelty), but if a bartender doesn’t really need to do anything to make your drink, how useful will they feel? And will you even consider them to be a real bartender?
People might be upset about paying for more expensive drinks. If someone doesn’t even have to do anything to make a drink, patrons may get annoyed about paying a certain price for their beverage. Many people enjoy the ritual of watching someone make their drink and when that is taken away, they may not see as much value in their purchase.

Put a couple drinks on tap for novelty and convenience, but don’t make your bartenders feel like their skills don’t matter.

What do you think about cocktails on tap?