Have you ever attempted to use a SodaStream to carbonate any old beverage and then have the remnants of that beverage explode all over your kitchen? Of course you have; that’s what happens when you try to “SodaStream” anything besides water. Recently, SodaStream partnered with designer Yves Behar to create the SodaStream Mix—the first DIY cocktail maker that will add bubbles to your booze without destroying your walls.

In an attempt to boost declining sales and dip into funds of more affluent consumers, the at-home soda maker SodaStream wants to get involved in the cocktail making game. With the SodaStream Mix, you’ll be able to carbonate “any and all liquids.” Additionally, the device’s Bluetooth connectivity feature truly makes it a “cloud-connected bartender”; a companion smartphone application will wirelessly upload various recipes to be used on your SodaStream Mix.

How does this machine work, you ask? Let us walk you through it. To start, you swipe through the touch screen’s alcohol section and choose a cocktail from a variety of recipes. Once your drink of choice is selected, you pour in the mix into the SodaStream and BOOM—a carbonated boozy beverage is mixed or stirred in front of your eyes. You can even decide how bubbly you want your cocktail to turn out by scrolling through a range of “fizziness.”

The company is revealing the SodaStream Mix in several locations, and although the machine doesn’t have a release date or price yet, we recommend keeping your eyes peeled—it could show up on shelves any day now.