In our “City Sips” series, we’re looking for the most interesting drinks in major cities across the country (if you missed our first installment, check out City Sips: New York City). We’ve chosen Key West for our second week because our pals at Big Pine Liquors requested it on our Facebook page and we’re just cool like that. If there’s a city you want to see featured in future installments, let us know in the comments of this post or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.


Bahama Bob’s Bark Juice, Rum Bar at The Speakeasy InnbobsbarkjuiceBob runs the show at the Rum Bar and after selling shots of Bahama Bob’s Root Juice for over two years, he’s switched things up by replacing it with Bahama Bob’s Bark Juice. What is bark juice? It’s an infusion of barks that Bob acquired from all around the Caribbean; they were infused with a wine and honey combo that soaked into the bark and was drained off after 2 weeks. Then, 151 rum was added as the final touch. Bob likes to get creative and change things up, so there’s a chance he may already have something new by the time you get there.


Pretty Much Anything, Orchid Bar at Orchid Key Inn

orchidkeyWhat makes the Orchid Bar so great is the attention to detail and the quality of the drinks. They use fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, and infused liquors in their delicious cocktails. They’re not afraid to get creative with their concoctions, and this week they were pouring a strawberry infusion with basil. Umm… yum. Trip Advisor actually ranks the Orchid Key Inn as the #2 best hotel in Key West, so if you’re visiting, you should probably just stay at the hotel so you can roll out to the bar every night and try something new.


Kill Devil, Rum Barrel Bar & Grill

rumbarrelKey West is a big rum city and Rum Barrel Bar & Grill pretty much takes the cake with their more than 150 rums available for patrons. The Kill Devil is made for two or more people because it’s in a gallon bucket (and you get to keep the bucket… sweet bonus). It’s made with mango and coconut rums, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Sloe Gin, orange and pineapple juices, and grenadine – it’s all topped off with a 151-soaked orange slice on top. Classy, no. Amazing, yes.